Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

On The Road To Glory Part 4


On the Road to ever-increasing Glory.

That’s where you and I as Christians were divinely designed to live.


 Every day we should be walking with God down a spiritual pathway that takes us ever closer to our Lord.  Every day we should be changing and growing a little more like Him.


Praise the Lord precious Saints of the Living God.  It is such a delight for us to share the fresh Word of God with you today, I am sure you will be blessed.  Last week we talked about the mountain top experiences Israel had with God, but the goose bumps was not enough to give them the victory.  They needed the Word.


Today we will go a little further.  Let’s talk about The Power of Repetition.  Although devotional or meditative Bible reading is fairly common among Christians today, true study of the Word is rear.  That’s unfortunate because we need them both to grow and change as we should.


Why is that?  You see studying the Word, and meditating the Word are two different things.  When you meditate, you internalize and personalize the scriptures.  You relish and cherish a specific word that God has spoken to your heart.


Study, on the other hand, is analytical.  When you study, you seek to define and understand the overall truth of God’s Word.  You purposely direct your mind repeatedly and regularly toward certain modes of thought.  In study, your primary purpose is to objectively determine what a certain passage of the Bible means rather than seeking to discover, as you do in meditation, what that passage means to you personally.


There are basic elements involved in study.  The first is repetition.  Repetition regularly channels the mind in a specific direction so that habitual thought patterns can be formed.  That’s why the Jewish people in the Old Testament were instructed to continually rehearse the mighty acts of God.  Sometimes I use the power of repetition in my Bible study times by choosing a small book of the New Testament like Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians and reading it every day for a month. I’ve found that reading a book over and over transforms my thinking in a unique and powerful way.


The second element of study is the element of concentration.  For study to be effective, it requires us to set distractions aside and focus our attention completely on the word for a given period of time.  Granted, that’s not easy to do in today’s world.  Everything around us seems to be geared to shorten our attention span.


The busyness of our society, the 30 second sound bites served up to us on television, the noise and the rapid pace of life have so weakened our minds that it’s a challenge for most of us to focus on any one thing for a long period of time.  But by the grace of God, we can meet that challenge.  We can discipline ourselves to remove all distractions and concentrate on God’s Word.


Isn’t this exciting how God is showing us what we can do to keep ourselves on the Road to Glory.  I am so sorry, I am out of time again today, however, by the grace of God we will continue this discussion next week, until then God Bless you.


Your Pastor





A word for Today: "Something Larger"



History has consistently shown that people are hungry to live their lives for something larger than themselves. In fact, the need for a higher purpose is so basic to the Human soul, the Bible says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  Numerous studies have shown that people will work harder, longer and better when they understand the significance of their individual contribution to Something Larger.